Music Man - 1972
"Music Man" - (1972)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This was the first show I ever acted in. I was 11 years old. I got my life long passion for live theatre
by joining this theatre company and watching my older brother Bob act in earlier Proscenium Players
Annie Get Your Gun - 1976
"Annie Get Your Gun" - (1976)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This was one of the High School summer productions that Ray Hill did. Technically it was not a
Proscenium Players production, but all of the actors and production staff were the same people that
did Proscenium Players shows. So, I consider it a Proscenium Players production.
Godspell 1978
Godspell 1981
"Godspell" - (1978)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This has to be the absolute best ensemble show I have ever done. Godspell lets
everyone  show their talents. I was lucky enough to play the role of Jesus twice. In 1978
and again in 1980.
Fiddler on the Roof
"Fiddler on the Roof" - (1978)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This was the last show I did with my older brother Bob. He played Tevye and I played the role of
Motel the Tailor. I also performed this role in 1982 at College of the Desert with
Nehemiah Persoff
playing Tevye.
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" - (1979)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This was one of my favorite shows at Proscenium Players. A small cast, but everyone were great in
their roles. I love "The Book Report", a song that has Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Schroeder all
singing about writing a book report on Peter Rabbit.
South Pacific
"South Pacific" - (1980)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
I played Lt. Cable in this production. One night I went off stage and changed clothes for what I
thought was the next scene, I forgot I had a quick cross over in the same costume I had left the stage
in. Needless to say, I did it in the wrong costume. It was very embarrassing. Most actors experience
something like this at least once in their careers.
Oklahoma - 1979
"Oklahoma" - (1979)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This production was my first after graduating from High School. It was the summer of 1979. Also,
my first show after losing my toe in a hiking accident. Only friends who know me, would care about
that little bit of trivia.
Li'l Abner - 1979
"Li'l Abner" - (1979)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This was a fun show to do, even though I got very sick during the run. I am talking major flu, with a
temperature of over 100 degrees. This was truly a case of, "the show must go on".
Sound of Music - 1980
"Sound of Music" - (1980)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
This was the second production of "Sound of Music" that Proscenium Players performed. The first
was in 1976, and I played the oldest son Frederick. In this 1980 production, I played Capt. Von
My Fair Lady - 1981
"My Fair Lady" - (1981)
Proscenium Players - Indio, CA
My last show with Proscenium Players. Ray Hill did not direct this production. He had moved to
Carpenteria, CA to be Principal of Carpenteria High School. Ray passed away on 9/23 /03. He will  
be greatly missed and I will always remember Proscenium Players with fondness.
Celebration in New York
"Celebration - C.O.D." - (1984)
College of the Desert - Palm Desert, CA
I was a member of "Celebration" for 4 years, from 1980 - 1984. This picture was our trip to New
York, in front of our hotel. The hotel was right across the street from the "
High School of
Performing Arts" in NYC.
No Mother To Guide Her - 1985
"No Mother to Guide Her" - (1985)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This was the first show I did at the Moorpark Melodrama. One of the traditional Melodrama
productions we did at this theatre. I played Casper Vandenberg. It seems like an eternity ago, but I
am very grateful to have been a part of Moorpark Melodrama History.
The Mikado - 1985
"The Mikado" - (1985)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This is from my early days at the Melodrama. "Those were the days my friends...." I have many
fond memories of my years at the Melodrama. I worked with a lot of great people, and many of
them are dear friends of mine to this day.
(A younger me sitting center in the bottom row.)
Melodrama Christmas Show - 1985
"Melodrama Christmas Show" - (1985)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
Every Christmas the Moorpark Melodrama would put on a Christmas production. Usually with 3
Acts. The 2nd act would be a traditional Christmas story such as Scrooge, or The Nutcracker,
done Melodrama style. 1st and 3rd Acts would be more Vaudeville style.
Money, Power, Murder, Lust, Revenge and Marvelous Clothes
"Money, Power, Murder, Lust, Revenge and Marvelous Clothes" - (1986)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This was one of many shows at the Melodrama written by Jack Sharkey (Front Center). Jack died
a few years ago. His shows were not the greatest shows ever written, but they worked at the
Melodrama. A lot of High Schools across the country produce  his shows because the royalties for
them are inexpensive.
The Road to Paradise - 1992
"The Road to Paradise" - (1992)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This was the first show I did after a 3 year hiatus from the Moorpark Melodrama. Also my first
production with Scott Martin
(He wrote and directed this show too.) This was a spoof on the old
Bob Hope, Bing Crosby Road movies. I played Duke Taylor (Bing) (
Sitting on the right.) This was
also my first show with Kim
(Left of me)
Newscast Murders -1993
"Newscast Murders"- (1993)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This was a show about a murder conspiracy involving a Network News show. I played a corrupt
politician "The Mayor".
(That's me on the left, center row.) It was a fun show, and one of my
dearest friends played the female private dick that solves the case.
(Kim Decker, center)
Melodrama Vaudeville Show
"Vaudeville - Shame of Tombstone" - (1987)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
After every melodrama production there was a vaudeville show. Usually about a 1/2 hour long.
The early Vaudeville shows at the Melodrama were more like the true vaudeville shows of the old
days. Song, Dance, Skits, and bad jokes.
The Roar of the Twenties - Parcher/Gibson Productions 1991
"The Roar of the Twenties" - (1991)
Parcher/Gibson Productions, Ventura County
A musical revue of songs from the Roaring Twenties. Produced by my friends Kevin Parcher, &
Art Gibson. Parcher/Gibson productions performed in and around the Ventura County area. The
first show produced by Kevin and Art was "The Best of Broadway"- 1990
, We went on to do a
Christmas revue -1990, "Broadway at Downtown"-1991, "Flappers to Breadlines"-1991, and
"Roar of the Twenties".
Aladdin and his Magic Lamp - 1993
"Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" - (1993)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
I played Jamal the Evil Sorcerer. (The back row on the right, in the Black head piece) It was fun
playing the bad guy for a change. It was a great part to play, but the show itself was lacking a
little bit. The show usually ran over 3 hours, with the Vaudeville. Opening night it ran close to 4
hours. A little too long for my taste, and the audiences.
Klondike Kalamity - 1993
"Klondike Kalamity"- (1993) Moorpark Melodrama - Moorpark, CA
This was a fun show to do. A true Melodrama, which if you've ever been to the Moorpark
Melodrama, is a rare thing. The Melodrama mostly did Spoofs on famous stories.
Robin Hood,
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Phantom of the Opera, etc.... They were fun shows, but not real
Melodramas. In this one I played Warren Ought an old prospector who is re-united with his long
lost family.
(I'm the old geezer on the right in the middle row, with the beard)
Rockin Robin Hood - 1993
"Rockin' Robin Hood" - (1993)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This was yet another Scott Martin production. I originally played "Little John" (That's me on the
left with the black hair and mustache.)
I later stepped into the role of Robin Hood (An Elvis
impersonator)  when the guy playing it quit to go onto bigger, not necessarily better things. I
would be upset with him, but I'm glad he quit. It was fun playing an Elvis-Robin Hood.
Hamlet The Musical - 1994
"Hamlet-The Musical" - (1994)Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
(I am the spooky one in the back row, with the long white hair)
. I played  the ghost of Hamlet's
father. This was my first real venture into Shakespeare. I know true Shakespearean fans will
say, I still haven't really done Shakespeare, but it was fun.
Two By Two - Marquie Dinner Theatre (1995)
"Two by Two" - (1994)
Marquie Dinner Theater, Camarillo, CA
This was my first show at the Marquie Dinner Theatre. "Two by Two" is a musical comedy
version of the story of Noah and the Ark. I played the youngest son of Noah, Japheth.
(Top row
on the left)
The Marquie was a nice little theater, with excellent food.
You Ain't Nothin But a Werewolf - 1994
"You Ain't Nothin' but A Werewolf" - (1994)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
This is a picture of the cast in Vaudeville costumes. The Melodrama would do a 2 Act play
followed by a Vaudeville, usually with a theme to correspond with the main play. In this case, it
was a Halloween theme. (
I am the wolf-like person in the center of the picture.)
Phantom of the Melodrama - 1995
"Phantom of the Melodrama"- (1995)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
As the title suggests, this was a spoof on the Broadway blockbuster, "Phantom ot the Opera" I
played an evil drama critic
(Is there any other kind of drama critic?). I am the one with the black
mustache in the last row, on the right.
Snow White & the 7 Surfin Dwarves - 1994
"Snowwhite and the 7 Surfin' Dwarves" (1994)
Moorpark Melodrama - Moorpark, CA   
I played "Kahuna"... The leader of the Surfin" Dwarves. (Upper / right corner in yellow hat) Our
mission in life, to find the perfect wave!~~~~~~~:o) Kaua-bunga Dude! Jeff Wallach directed
the show and asked me to step in a couple weeks before opening to fill in for Robert Porter
who became ill and unable to do the production..
Maltese Chicken - 1995
"The Maltese Chicken"-(1996)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
The Cast of "Maltese Chicken", a spoof on "The Maltese Falcon". I played Stan Slade, a
private detective. It was an original show written and directed by the very talented Scott
Martin. He wrote and directed numerous, successful productions at the Melodrama over the
(Scott Martin is sitting center, I am just to the right of him)
Lucky Stiff - 1996
"Lucky Stiff" - (1995)
Marquie Dinner Theater, Camarillo, CA
This is a show about a shoe salesman from England...Harry Witherspoon (Me - sitting center),
who is offered an inheritance of $1,000,000.00 if he takes his dead uncle to Monte Carlo. The
whole show I pushed a body around in a wheel chair. A very funny script with some very good
music. The entire cast was fantastic.
The Fantasticks - The Moorpark Playhouse (1998)
"The Fantasticks" (1998)
Moorpark Playhouse - Moorpark, CA
This was the first show of the new Moorpark Playhouse. It was a terrific cast, and a
wonderful show, but the audience's were less than to be desired. Oh, well! You win some,and
you lose some. I played Hucklebee
(Straw hat to the right).
Maltese Chicken - 1995
"The Maltese Chicken"- (1996)
Moorpark Melodrama, Moorpark, CA
Here is another picture of the Maltese Chicken cast. It was a great show. Very creative. The
director did it all in Film Noir style. All grays and blacks and slowly during the course of the
show it switched to colorization. This was my favorite show at the Moorpark Melodrama.
The Fantasticks - Marquie Dinner Theatre (1999)
"The Fantasticks" (1999)
Marquie Dinner Theatre - Camarillo, CA
This was the last show I did at the Marquie Dinner Theatre before it closed it's doors in
2000. It was such a great time in my life. I made lots of lifetime friends at the Marquie.
Thank you Paul & Judy!
Baby - 1998
"Baby" (1998)
Marquie Dinner Theatre - Camarillo, CA
I had a great time doing this show.. It was a look at married couples at different stages of
their life, facing the challenge of having a baby. Great cast, Diann Alexander,
Robin Shelby
(Navlyt - Spence), Lisa Rassmussen and Sara Stuckey (Just to name a few) Everyone in the
cast were terrific!!
Two By Two - Vagabond Players (2002)
"Two by Two" (2002)
Vagabond Players - Thousand Oaks, CA
This was the last show I did in California, before moving to Oregon. You may recognize
some people in the cast. Paul Marquie from the
Marquie Dinner Theatre directed this
production. Don Pearlman, Eleanor Brand, and myself all reprised our roles from the
Marquie Dinner Theatre production in 1995. It was very nice to reprise a role I had done
before. It was also great working with Don, Eleanor, Paul & Judy again. As well as all the
new members of the company.
Gypsy - 2001
"Gypsy" (2001)
Granada Hills Dinner Theatre - Granada Hills, CA
This was the second show it did at this theatre. The first was a concert version of "Into The
Woods". I did Gypsy mainly because one of my dearest friends,
Aileen Marie Scott, directed
it. I love you Aileen! I did enjoy the cast and got to work with my good friend
Sean Spence.
"Easier To Love" - Jim Harlow
From the musical "Baby" at the
Marquie Dinner