"OKLAHOMA" - 1979
Alan McCook, George Davancens & Richard Harlow
Becky Dhondt, Richard Harlow, Rochelle Ford & Kim Brewer
Darcy Kabanuck & Jim
Darcy Kabanuck & Jim
Alan, George & Richard
Becky, Richard,
Rochelle & Kim
Darcy & Jim
Darcy & Jim
Iola Schissler, Karen Calhoun & Jim
Kim Brewer, Desiree Crushee, Deanna Green and Kelly brewer
Rochelle Ford
Richard, Jim & Girls
Iola, Karen & Jim
Kim, Desiree, Deanna &
Jim & Andrew Davidian
Lorraine Yoxsimer, Richard Harlow & Karen Calhoun
Oklahoma Cast Picture
Darcy Kabanuck & Jim
Jim & Andrew
Lorraine, Richard & Karen
Oklahoma Cast Picture
Darcy & Jim
Jim & Mike Hadley
Monty Gopher, Richard Harlow and Liz Stinson
Oklahoma Cast Picture
Richard Harlow & Alan McCook
Jim & Mike
Monty, Richard & Liz
Rochelle, Darcy, Jim,
Richard, Mike & Liz
Richard & Alan
Rochelle Ford & Richard Harlow
Rochelle & Richard
Articles & Publicity
Oklahoma Article
Darcy Kabanuck & Richard Harlow (Mis-matched names and characters)
Oklahoma Article
Oklahoma Publicity
(Darcy Kabanuck and
Richard Harlow)
The names below the
picture say Rochelle Ford
and James Harlow.
Interesting thing is that
Darcy played Laurie and I
was suppose to be in picture,
but my brother Richard,
who played Will Parker
filled in. Rochelle played
Ado Annie, Richard's love
A little bit of Oklahoma  
partner swapping going on.
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