Parcher/Gibson Productions
Ventura County (1990 - 1992)
The Best of Broadway (B.O.B. Show)
Performance at Firelight / Encore Dinner Theatre, Ventura CA (1990)
"Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables - (Jim Harlow)
"Phantom of the Opera" from Phantom of the Opera (
Jim & Nannette Cox)
"Tonight" from West Side Story (
Jim & Nannette Cox)
Broadway at Downtown (B.A.D Show)
Performance at Plaza Players, Ventura CA (May 1991)
"All The Things You Are" - (Kevin Cox, Jim Harlow & Drew Staffen")
At The Ballet" - (Nannette Cox-Evans, Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein & Sharon Gibson-Smithbauer)
"Before I Gaze At You Again" from Camelot - (Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein)
I Still Believe" from Miss Saigon - (Nannette Cox-Evans & Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein)
"Nothing" from Chorus Line - (Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein)
"One Day More" - (Kevin Cox, Nannette Cox-Evans, Jim Harlow, Maureen Lovejoy-Evans, Sharon
Gibson-Smithbauer & Drew Staffen)
"On The Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady - (Drew Staffen)
"Rainbow Medley" - ("Always Chasing Rainbows" sung by Drew Staffen / "Look To The Rainbow" sung by the
full cast
(Kevin Cox, Nannette Cox-Evans, James Harlow, Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein, Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson
& Drew Staffen /
and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" sung by NannetteCox-Evans & James Harlow.)
"You're Nothing Without Me" - (Jim Harlow & Kevin Cox)

"Anthem" from Chess - (James Harlow)
"Camelot" from Camelot - (Kevin Cox)
"Come Back To Me" from On A Clear Day You Can See Forever - (James Harlow)
"Empty Chairs At Empty Tables from Les Miserables - (Kevin Cox)
"Hail Poetry" from Pirates of Penzance - (Full Cast)
"How To Handle A Woman" from Camelot - (Kevin Cox)
"Paint Your Wagon" from Paint Your Wagon - (James Harlow)
"Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie - (Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson & Full Cast)
"Rogers & Hammerstein Medley"
"Oh What A Beautiful Mornin" (Oklahoma)
- James Harlow,
"People Will Say We're In Love" (Oklahoma) - Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson & Drew Staffen,
"If I Loved You" (Carousel) - Drew Staffen,
"I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy" (South Pacific) - Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein,
"Some Enchanted Evening" (South Pacific) - Kevin Cox,
"What's The Use Of Wond'rin" (Carousel) - Nannette Cox-Evans,
"Something Wonderful (The King & I) - Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson,
"I Have Dreamed" (The King & I) - Kevin Cox,
"The Sound Of Music" (The Sound Of Music)  - Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein,
"Climb Ever Mountain" (The Sound Of Music) - Nannette, Kevin, Drew, Maureen, James & Sharon
"Somewhere That's Green" from Little Shop Of Horrors - (Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson)
"Tell Me On A Sunday" from Tell Me On A Sunday - (Nannette Cox-Evans)
"What Did I Have That I Don't Have" from On A Clear Day - (Nannette Cox-Evans)
"With A Song In My Heart" from the 1929 Rodgers and Hart musical Spring is Here  - (Drew Staffen)
"Wouldn't It Be Loverly" from My Fair Lady - (Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson)
"You're The Top" from Anything Goes - (Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson & Drew Staffen)
Flappers to Breadlines
Performance at Plaza Players, Ventura CA (October 1991)
"We're In The Money" - (Nannette Cox-Evans, Maureen Lovejoy-Evans & Sharon Smithbauer Gibson)
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me" (Sharon Smithbauer Gibson)

"It Had To Be You" / "More Than you Know" - (
Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox)
"We'll Have Manhatten" - (
Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox)
"Blackbird" - (
Jim Harlow)
"Black Bottom / Charleston" - (Kevin Cox, Nannette Cox, Sharon Gibson, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
"Blue Moon" / Can't Buy Me Anything But Love" - (Maureen & Jim)
"Carolina In The Morning" - (Jim Harlow & Maureen Lovejoy)
"Food Medley" - "A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich and You" - (Kevin Cox), "You're The Cream In My Coffee" -
(Sharon Smithbauer-Gibson), "
Yes We Have No Banannas" - (Jim Harlow)
"Happy Days Are Here Again" "God Bless America - (Full Cast)
"Heart And Soul" - (Full Cast)
"I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter" / "Our Love Is Here To Stay" - (Jim Harlow)
"It Had To Be You" / "More Than You Know" - (Jim Harlow & Nannett Cox-Evans)
"Make Believe" - (Nannette & Jim)
"Poor Butterfly" - (Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein)
"Puttin On My Top Hat" - (Jim Harlow)
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - (Jim Harlow & Nannette Cox) Arrangement by Kevin Parcher
"Side By Side Medley"- "Four Leaf Clover" / "Side By Side" - (Kevin Cox, Nannette Cox, Sharon Gibson,
Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
"Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter" - (Jim Harlow)
"We'll Have Manhatten" - (Nannette Cox-Evans & Jim Harlow)
The Roar of the Twenties
Performance at Simi Valley Cultural Center (June 1992)
"Ain't Misbehavin" - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
"Black Bottom / Charleston" - (David, Gregory, Jennifer, Jim, Maureen & Sharon)
Feet Medley" - "Stumbling" / "Fidgety Feet" / "Steppin Around" - (David, Gregory, Jennifer, Jim, Maureen &
Five Foot Two" - (Jim Harlow & Jennifer Middleton)
I'm Just Wild About Harry" - (Sharon Gibson and Gregory Stuart)
I Wanna Be Loved By You" - (Sharon Gibson)
Mountain Greenery" - (Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Side By Side Medley"- "Ain't We Got Fun" / "Four Leaf Clover" / "Side By Side" - (Sharon Gibson, David
Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow
Stardust Melody" - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
Varsity Rag" - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)

"Ain't She Sweet" - (David Milligan & Jim Harlow)
"Am I Blue" - (Sharon Gibson)
"Bill" - (Maureen)
"Birth of the Blues" - (Sharon Gibson, David Milligan, Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
"Blackbird" - (Jim Harlow)
"Carolina in the Mornin" - (Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
"Charleston" / "Baby Face" - (Maureen & Cast)
"Don't Bring Lulu" - (David Milligan & Jim Harlow)
"Good Time Charlie" - (Jim Harlow & Cast)
"Gotta See Mama" - (Maureen)
"It Had To Be You" / "More Than You Know" - (Jim Harlow & Sharon Gibson)
"He Loves, She Loves" - (David & Sharon)
"Jazz Baby" - (Sharon)
"Just You, Just Me" - (Jim & Maureen)
"Lets fall In Love" - (David & Sharon)
"Let's Misbehave" - (Maureen)
"Lulu" - (David & Jim)
"Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me" - (Maureen)
"Makin Whoopee" - (Sharon)
"Me And My Shadow" - (Jim Harlow & Gregory Stuart)
"Melancholy Baby" - (David)
"Poor Butterfly" - (Maureen Lovejoy-Epstein)
"Puttin On The Ritz" - (David)
"Sweet Georgia Brown" - (David & Jennifer)
"Toot, Toot, Tootsie" - (David Milligan & Jim Harlow)
"We'll Have Manhatten" - (Maureen Lovejoy & Jim Harlow)
"What'll I Do" - (David)