Links to their websites
Dr. John (Doc) Anello - Doc Anello and the Swing Machine
Music CD's
Listen to Doc Play Sax - "Europa"
Doc Directed "Celebration" at C.O.D. in Palm Desert, CA
Jim Barker - Ventura County Theatres
Jim Barker played Shem & I was Japheth in "Two By Two"
@ the
Marquie Dinner Theatre. If you want to know about Ventura
County theatre, he's the man to ask.
Linda Bredemann - Costume Alley
Linda used to own the Moorpark Melodrama 1986 - 1998
She and I were roommates from 1998 - 2002.
Chris Carnicelli - Chris' Page (www.carnicelli.net)
Chris and I did shows together at the Moorpark Melodrama, such as
Road to Paradise" and "Aladdin".
Rev. Cynthia Claire - Las Vegas - Center For Spiritual Living
I used to sing solos at her church, The Church of Religious Science,
in Camarillo, CA before she moved to Las Vegas & started The Center.
Debi Derryberry -  Debi's Website
I know Debi and her sister Becky from Indio High School and
Proscenium Players
. She does voiceover work and records
children's music CDs. She's the voice of Jimmy Neutron.
Art Dobrucki (Musician) - www.azurehillsmusic.com
Art was musical director and accompanist for a couple shows
with me at the
Moorpark Melodrama.
Missy Doty - www.missydoty.com
Missy was in "Phantom" with me at the Moorpark Melodrama. She has
quite a resume of TV and movie work. Check out her resume at
Ron Ford (Interview) - www.racksandrazors.com
Ron was in "Lucky Stiff" with me at the Marquie Dinner
Theatre. Not only is he an actor, but he writes and directs
Horror Movies.
Adrea Gibbs - www.cafepress.com/An_Alriginal
Adrea was choreographer and director for a couple shows with me at
Moorpark Melodrama. She is a very talented lady and has
choreographed and directed professionally.
Art, Sharon & Vivian Gibson - Vivian's homepage
I've worked with Art & Sharon @ Conejo Valley Players in
"Oklahoma" @ Moorpark College and with Parcher/Gibson
Productions where Art & Sharon fell in love. Then of course
Vivian. I love and miss all of you!!!
Carla Jimenez - www.carlajimenez.com and IMDB
Carla and I are friends from the Moorpark Melodrama. She has gone
on to bigger and better things, but I will always remember her from
shows such as "
Aladdin", "Maltese Chicken" and "Darn Dodgers"
Alice Kern - Tapestry of Hope
Alice Kern is the Mother of an ex-girlfriend, Geri Kern. Alice is also a
Holocaust Survivor, Author & Lecturer. She wrote Tapestry of Hope,
which tells her dramatic story of survival in Auschwitz. She made a video
documentary of the experience, "
A Journey to Remember"
Ron & Judie Kewish - Murder In Mind Productions
Ron & Judi have their own Interactive Murder Mystery Company in
Arroyo Grande, CA. They worked with me in one production at the
Moorpark Playhouse, "
47th Street", my last show at what was the  
Magnificent Moorpark Melodrama & Vaudeville Company.
Brad Little..www.bradlittle.com
He has played the Phantom on Broadway, in touring companies
and internationally as well as many other roles. I knew him when
we won
The Mary Martin Scholarship in 1982 at C.O.D. and we
spent a few weeks at a Musical Theatre Workshop near Dallas, TX.
Dean Mora - Mora's Modern Rhythmists
Dean was musical director and accompanist for some of the shows at
Moorpark Melodrama. He has his own LA based swing and big
band groups that perform locally, nationally and have even performed
internationally. Here's a
YouTube video of Dean's Big Band.
Alan McCook - Alan's Memorial Page
My best friend from High School. We met my sophomore year and
were life long friends. He passed away in Feb of 2006. I miss him
very much. I will always remember our times together at the
Proscenium Players in shows such as "Wizard of Oz", "You're A
Good Man Charlie Brown" and "My Fair Lady".
Bruce Shockley - The Burco - Melon Project
Bruce was a few years ahead of me at Indio High School. We have
never worked together theatrically or musically except in High School,
but he is a great musician and long time friend of the
Harlow family.
Sara Stuckey - Sara's Resume
Sara and I worked together on "Baby" at the Marquie Dinner
Theatre. She is a very talented, funny and beautiful actress.
Robin (Navlyt) Spence - Robin's Webpage
Robin and I worked together at the Marquie Dinner Theatre in "Baby".
She is very talented and for those fans of Ghostbuster's was
Slimer in
Ghostbuster's II,  I am life long friends with her and her husband
Sean Spence - Sean's Webpage
Sean and I met when I did "Baby" at the Marquie Dinner Theatre
with his wife Robin. He and I worked together on "
Gypsy" at the
Granada Hills Dinner Theatre in 2001. We are life long friends.
Will Shupe - High Street Broadcast
Will & I first met in 1992 during "Road to Paradise" at the Moorpark
Melodrama. We worked together on numerous shows such as
Aladdin","Phantom","Pink Panther" & "Klondike Kalamity". Catch
him & his talented cast for the
High Street Broadcast in Moorpark CA..
Jenna Leigh Green - IMDB page
Jenna & I met through friends at the Melodrama. She is incredibly
talented and is best known for her work on "
Sabrina the Teenage
Witch". She was cast in the original touring company of "Wicked" &
has performed the show on Broadway. See some of her other credits