Exterior of
Lecture Hall One
now the Pollock Theatre
Theatre One
Interior of
Lecture Hall One
now the Pollock Theatre
Reviews and Articles
Nehemiah Persoff as Tevya
Jim and Nehemiah Persoff
Jim and Nehemiah Persoff
Jim - Motel the Tailor
W/ Nehemiah Persoff
Fiddler on the Roof
Program Cover
Jim - Motel the Tailor
W/ Nehemiah Persoff
Traci Albright, Brooke
Willson,  Gary "Gabro"
Berlant, Lou De Grado,
Sharon Simmers, Mark
McAllister, Vicky
Nehemiah Persoff
Janice Rae Crawford, Guy
Monroe Leitzman, J. Kim
Jimmerson, Jan O'Connel,
Traci Allbright, Brooke
Willson, Peggy Serrano,
Sherry Lee Berry, Vicky
Bayard, Alisa Little, Mark
McAllister, Rick Ragland,
Sharon Simmers, Gary Fiala,
and Lou DeGrado.
Thanks to Peter Huender for allowing me to copy
some of his old Theatre One photos. You can contact
him through his website @
That's Rock n Roll - Production
Staff & Cast
Nicholson, Terry - Director
Anello, Dr. John - Musical Director
Patterson, C.A. - Executive Producer
Haley, Kathy - Asst. Director
Healey, Bruce - Arrangements
Limon, Ray - Choreographer

Chaisson, Randy - Dancer
Elliot, Beth - Dancer
Hadley, Mike - Dancer
Hadley, Tracy Leigh - Dancer
Janopoulis, Stephanie - Dancer
Black, Sandi - Dancer/Dance Capt.
Pardo, Danny - Dancer/Singer
Webrand, Teresa - Dancer/Singer
Witty, Kristopher - Dancer/Singer
Burke, Jack - Singer
Close, Kelly Neale - Singer
Harlow, James - Singer
Hartley, Debbie - Singer
Spiro, Darcel Duff - Singer
Guiot, Debra - Singer/Stage Tech
Riding, Cecil - Narrator
That's Rock n Roll -
Orchestra & Crew
Eakens, Gary - The Band
Garcia, Tina - The Band
Loveland, Erwin - The Band
McCook, Alan - The Band
Muszynski, Richard - The Band
Pitigliano, Robin - The Band
Swensson, Bryan - The Band
Yeakel, Phil - The Band
Scotti, Bernadette - Asst. Stage Mgr
Jenkins, Charles - Asst. Tech Director
Goulden, Ron - Chaser Light
Housewright, Matt - Chaser Light
Rembold, Phil - Chaser Light
Berger, Virginia - Costume Tech
Gorciak, Ann - Costume Tech
Olson, Marian - Costume Tech
Adair, Rob - Light Tech
Allard, Diana - Light Tech
Hiatt, Rod - Light Tech
Zahler, Andrew - Props/Stage Tech
Korth, Debbie - Publicity
Watling, Jean - Publicity
Palmer, Jeff  - Scenic Design
Avriette, Mike - Stage Tech
Loughran, Mary Ann - Stage Tech
College of the Desert
(1979 - 1982)